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願基金 (WILL-Foundation.com) 成立於國際金融中心香港,是由中國橋金融網有限公司 (ChinaQFII.com) 創始人建立并與美國哥倫比亞大學火炬基金會對接的金融平台。願基金是香港數碼港認可的金融平台,并同香港交易所上市公司及香港大學(學生學者聯合會)合作,致力於培育中國人材及搭建國際金融市場之橋樑。


Chinese Proverb said: “To teach one how to fish rather than just giving one a fish.”

In the era of economic globalization, China’s financial market has been steadily opening up to the world. During 2002, QFII is established and attracted numerous investments from international financial institutions. China A-share has been included to MSCI, marking the milestone of China’s financial market. Therefore, WILL-Foundation aims to strengthen the cooperation between China and international financial institutions. We hope to cultivate talents in finance field, especially QFII experts through different programs.

WILL-Foundation Ltd. (WILL-Foundation.com) is a financial platform established in Hong Kong, an international financial center, by the founder of ChinaQFII.com and connected with Torchlight Foundation in Columbia University. Strongly supported by a Hong Kong listed company under Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Chinese Students and Scholars Association of The University of Hong Kong, WILL-Foundation Ltd. is committed to cultivate Chinese talents and construct a bridge between international financial markets.

With our vast network of Institutions including: QFII, QDII, Family office, Asset Management Company, Private Equity, Pension & Insurance, Endowment, Trust, FinTech and A Shares Listed Companies, WILL-Foundation build up a communication and teaching platform to share international advantageous resources and practical investment & management experience with Chinese enterprises and students, which help them cultivate strategic thinking and expand global horizons, in order to achieve the vision "one-day instructions enlighten your whole life”.
Team Description
William Kwok
He founded ChinaQFII.com in 2013 to lineup Global and China capital + deals. Currently, he is the Chairman of WILL-Foundation and Councilor (Honorary) of Torchlightfoundation.org in Columbia University in order to develop China financial sector. Previously, William had advised Hong Kong family office to empower their private investment and had connected to over 200 Qualified Foreign Institution Investors (QFII) from US, EU, Middle East and Asia Pacific region; he also possess network with China A shares, Insurance, QDII, RQFII, Private Equity, Fintech and other China Investors & Enterprises. He was invited to speak at SuperReturn Private Equity, Fund Forum, Bloomberg, Euromoney and Universities such as Harvard University (www.hpair.org), Columbia University and China first JV - Nottingham University in Ningbo. His publication include: China Deals Review, Ping An QFII Guidebook and KPMG China Capital Market. His article coverage by CNBC, SCMP, Financial Times and Securities Times(证券时报). William had investment bank research experience at JPMorgan, HSBC and DLJ (Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette) plus five years management experience in a China largest non-State Owned Enterprise. His publication has been circulated in PekingU, TsinghuaU, FudanU, ColumbiaU, Harvard Business School and other libraries.
WILL-FOUNDATION – Professional Advisory Committee:
Clement Leung Co-Founder of UNO Co-working Space
Brian Lai Managing Director of Link-Pro CPA Limited
ZHENG Dennis Postgraduate Studies in University of Chicago + Bachelor Degree of Statistics and Finance, The University of Hong Kong
WILL-FOUNDATION - Student Advisory Committee:
Jessica Poon The University of Hong Kong – LLB LAW
KWAN Katy The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Management and Biochemistry
HSU Fangyu, Amanda National Taiwan University - College of Management, Business Administration
Novel Kwok The University of Hong Kong - BA Global Creative Industry
Yukiko Makiguchi Akita International University - BA Global Business
Chloe Chan The University of Hong Kong - BA Chinese & Spanish
Lucy Beng The University of Hong Kong - BSc Civil Engineering
Angel Tse Cambridge University - BA Economics
WILL-FOUNDATION – Student Volunteer Community:
LIANG Stephanie, 梁文馨 The University of Hong Kong WONG, Enoch Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
CHANG Yutien - National Taiwan University CHOU Zhenggang, Bill - National Chengchi University
FANG Shihao - The Chinese University of Hong Kong,Shenzhen HAN Jiaying - 華南師範大學
ZHENG Xiaoyi - The University of Hong Kong TAN Duyun - University of California, Los Angeles
HUANG Icy, 黄思婕 - The University of Hong Kong SU Mona, 粟蒙娜 - The University of Hong Kong
CHAO Fei Pi, 赵非比 - The University of Hong Kong LAN Cheung Fai, 林祥辉 - The University of Hong Kong
CHEN Xuan - The University of Hong Kong YANG Jian, Wendy - The University of Hong Kong
YI Xiaoying - The University of Hong Kong Chow, Joe - The University of Hong Kong
Sung Shing Hin - Newcastle University - MSc International Financial Analysis + HKUST - BA (Hons) Mathematics
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